Thursday, December 20, 2007

What will 2008 bring for Linux?

As the year is quickly coming to an end, I start thinking what will this year mean for Linux. I will not try to predict the Rise or Fall of the next great Distro. Instead I will talk about what I think might happen over the next 12 + months.

  1. MS Windows Vista (already known as the technology flop of 2007) will continue to make people consider other Operating Systems. This may increase the black market for Windows 2000, 2003 and XP. And people will start to inquire about Mac's and OS X along and Linux and BSD's and the list goes on. If Apple computer is smart it will reduce the price of the Mac Mini and make some direct ads compiting with the Pee Cees as Mac users like to call them.
  2. If it is like last year a friend of mine got so sick of Windows XP, he asked me about Linux ( That story later) I expect to hear more people ask me about Linux in 2008, only because of Windows Vista.
  3. We will see more low-end (inexpensive) PC's on the market with Linux Walmarts $200 computer with gOS is just the start. Walmart could not keep them in stock. And the VIA C7 mother board + gOS development is one of the top 10 sellers on now for weeks.
  4. This jump in low end PC Linux based computers will not go with out some glitches people will complain about this or that on the desktop and this will push (speed up) development of the desktop environments. This will take some time but I think by 2009 we will have desktops that every one can live with. And if not it's Open Source after all... You can change it.
  5. Company's that sell products like MP3 players, Digital Cameras, Scanners, etc at department stores that carry the inexpensive Linux based PC will start to think about making them compatible with thing like gOS and Linux.
  6. Programming languages like erlang that make uses of multi-processor or multi-core will be come more prevalent.
  7. How could I forget Bioinformatics will continue to drive a niche market in Linux. This may trickle down into other types of Informatics processing on Linux computers and supercomputers.

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