Friday, December 28, 2007

What have you done for Linux or FOSS?

Or How Microsoft has motivated me once again...

I loved to program or I still do but I don't have time. I would love to contribute my programming skills to GNU and FOSS projects but I don't have the time. In fact programming is in part what interested me in UNIX in the 1980 to begin with. I wanted to write programs in FORTRAN and some other languages too, but a compilers (in general) in the 1980's were $500 or more. That's a little expensive for a hobby. For less than the cost of M$ Windows I was able to get a true multitasking OS (Linux) and not just one programming language but many.

Early 2007 Microsoft made some stupid statements concerning Linux, and FOSS software. I was so mad I decided I was not going to put it off any longer I joined the Free Software Foundation, and then I joined the Electronic Fronter Foundation, then I donated to the One Laptop Per Child organization, I then donated to Software Freedom Law Center, and to NetBSD project.

This year 2008 I plan on continuing memberships in what I have joined and will make more donations. Hopefully by fall 2008 I will have some time to donate my programming skills.

Even if you can't afford to join or donate money, or hardware, and like me you don't have the time and maybe your not a programmer take a look at the links below. Free Software Foundation Bad Vista dot Org and

Last but not least is someone anyone asks for help (yes even if it's Windows) don't tell them to RTFM. That will only push people away from you and Linux / FOSS.

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