Thursday, December 13, 2007

Installing Tcl Tk on gOS

I just got TCL and TK Programming for the absolute beginner by Kirt Wall. I decided on this book because it is the newest book on the subject I could find on .

Following the instructions in the book:

# sudo apt-get install tcl tk

That just gave me an error message. I am new to Debian-based systems "I mostly have used RedHat, SuSE and NetBSD" that said I have used rpm or tarballs to install. I looked on the web to see if anyone else had installed Tcl/Tk on gOS but did not find anything. Next I tried the tarballs from the page. Down loading was fast to fast I should have known something was wrong. I clicked the save as and downloaded a html page I had to delete the two tarballs and then left click on the link for the download to automaticaly start. then I followed the instructions on the page the this seemed to work almost flawlessly only one error on tcl but not so well on tk page when I ran the make test I got errors and skipped files also this made all kind of windows on my desktop that I could not close.

OK lets see if it worked. type tclsh and

bash tclsh not found try
apt-get install tclx8.3


so I typed that then


It worked!

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